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The Auttoman© -


is a large round, custom-made piece
of furniture (approximately 52 inches
in diameter), that is sturdy enough to
use as an ottoman, and beautiful
enough to be the centerpiece
in a room where first impressions matter.

The base and body of The Auttoman©
is covered in the fabric- of-choice from colorful vinyl’s to exotic leathers. 

The center focus of each Auttoman©
is a handpicked custom wheel
The wheel is interchangeable with
similarly sized wheels. This allows
for modifications to the look and feel
of The Auttoman© to suit changing

Additional options include glowing
upward light in the center of the wheel
and/or custom cut glass to cover the
wheel or the entire Auttoman making
it a fully functional and much admired

See the Auttoman on locations:
• in Car dealers,
• in Offices,
• at Events,
• at Private collections.


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